Freelab - GNS3 1.5.2 Routing and Switching Edition


9/9/2020 - Having some intermittent power issues due to weather.

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*4/5/2018 Donation Update: In addition to your help with my electrical costs, I've purchased secure SSL certificates for the VPN so you don't get untrusted warnings every time you connect.

Last updated: 6/7/2018

If you do not have the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client, you can get it by the following steps. (View VPN video below:

To see how to use my remote servers locally, watch this video:

1. Goto
Current Username: freeuser Password: pvcF5Vb3
2. Once logged in, download the installer:

3. Once connected to Freelab BETA VPN, click on this link:
GNS3 Version: 1.5.2

Cisco Images Available to use:

Hardware Emulation:
Cisco 7206VXR - IOS 15.2.4M11 (Includes CME 9.1) (Release Notes)
Cisco 7206VXR - IOS 15.2.4S7 (Release Notes)

IOS Over Unix (IOU):
L3 Router - IOS 15.5.2T
L2/L3 Switch - IOS 15.6S

QEMU (Quick Emulator):
L3 Router - IOS-XR 6.0.1*
*Currently can't get console to display properly with GNS3 1.5.2; works in 1.4.4

INE CCIEv5 Full-Scale Lab 1 - Download